Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I've started this blog post over three times now, not really sure where to begin.  I want to write about thankfulness, about how I've experienced thankfulness today.  So that's what I'm trying to say, if it isn't making any sense :)

I took all my pictures down off my wall today - they were all my 'home' pictures which have been up since I arrived in Thailand.  I'm starting to pack up my room as I'm going away, then will be in a different room for the time I'm back here before returning to Australia.  My walls look extremely blank and white now, with no familiar faces smiling down at me.
It made me think of all the new photos I'll have to put up at home.  All the things I've had the opportunity to experience and the people I've met this last year and a half in Thailand.  The way God has encouraged and blessed and grown me.

This week is graduation week at Grace International School, where the dorm kids attend.  As we drove home tonight from a graduation dinner, I was quietly thanking God for all He has blessed me with this past year.  And then I realised the thing I'm most thankful for.

It's not any experience I've had, or any person I've met.

It's the fact that I don't just send my thankfulness out into the universe, wondering why I'm so blessed.

I know who to be thankful to for everything.

I know the God of heaven.  I know he loves me.  I know He blesses and challenges and tests and encourages me.  I know it is to Him I know my life.

And today I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to be thankful to Him.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


No longer just caterpillars and cocoons-we now have butterflies!  Several butterflies have emerged today, and I missed seeing all of them...I did get to see them once they were out however.  Here's a look

This is the one which I had been keeping inside-I freed him as soon as I saw he was out!
Hopefully I'll get to see one actually breaking free soon!!

Whilst I was sitting enjoying the butterflies, I noticed this unusual little critter.  Some sort of caterpillar I suppose, but no idea for sure!  Interesting though!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

and yet more caterpillars

If you are wondering whether I shall tire of caterpillars and butterflies, the answer is probably no!  While camping with the dorm this weekend, we met a group of lepidopterists from Hong Kong.  I found out that lepidotery is the study of butterflies and caterpillars, and have decided this is going to be my new hobby!!

Just before the weekend, I managed to get a video of a caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis, which I've uploaded below.  From what I've observed, the caterpillar attaches itself to something solid with some sort of sticky/weblike substance, and hangs upside down for roughly 12 hours, before it does this!  I missed the very beginning of this caterpillars change but you can still see the process.  In the background of the shot there is a chrysalis hanging that is fully dried out.  I haven't yet seen one emerge as a butterfly so not sure how long exactly they hang for.  God really is creative!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

caterpillar update

When I left home this morning (a little after 6:30am) caterpillar looked the same as he did last night, but when I returned home (around 6:30pm), he looked like this!

Will try to take one in daylight tomorrow to show it more clearly :)

In other caterpillar news (which is a fun phrase to write, even if no one is following the news!), one of our indoor caterpillars has come to an untimely end.  However, the other has started to turn into a cocoon as well!  He is currently hanging upside down.  I'll keep a close eye on him and try to get lots of photos!    
I think he needs a name...what does one call a caterpillar/butterfly?  Let's have some suggestions, people!

Monday, March 25, 2013

there's a little caterpillar

Actually, there are a lot of them!  All over a bush just outside the front door of the dorm.  When the kids told me I got rather excited, and now we have two caterpillars living in our lounge room, much to the disgust of several of the girls!  I'm interested to see how our two fare, as they seem to be a little confused at the moment.
Just tonight, one of the boys called me to tell me that one of the caterpillars on the bush outside was starting to chrysalise (if that's a word!).  So far it's just a slightly swollen caterpillar hanging upside down, but I'm keeping a close eye on it's progress!  Here's a photo of what it looks like at the moment-taken in very poor light, sorry about quality! You get the idea anyway.  I'll keep you all updated with what it turns into!  Isn't God amazing :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

a little bit of laughter

In the middle of an extremely busy couple of weeks, I thought I would take a moment to share something you'll hopefully find amusing.  The things my littlest sister and I get up to at times...  This was when she came to visit me in Thailand last year :) Hope you get half as much joy as we did!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

latest and greatest achievement

My whole life I've wondered how people possibly manage to do this.  I could not figure it out, I don't think my brain works the right way!  But finally, tonight, it happened.  I did it!  My latest and greatest achievement is.....


Next goal...learn to do it without an online step-by-step guide.... ;)